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Nursing can be your career choice for you future. If you are interested to the healthy filed but you do not want to become a doctor, surgeon, or the therapist, becoming a nurse can the right option for your future career. However, before you take the nursery education, it is better for you to see some reviews related to the nursery education programs. Some nurses work with the physician by helping to do their daily tasks. While the other help obstetricians to take care of pregnant woman and deliver the baby. The education programs and the training you will take depend to the field you will choose.

It is better for you to take full-time nursing degree courses first. The full-time nursing degree has four branches of nursing: child, adult, mental health, and learning disabilities. By taking this program you will be educated for three years and offered by higher education institution across England.

There is an also pre-registration nursing degree program which offers you both academic and professional qualification by combining the theory studies and supervised nursing practice. The program provides you the general introduction in nursing which helps you to build the observational, communication and caring skills. It is also including the introduction of four branches to nurse and maternity care.

Supervised nursing practice is half of this program and is carried out in the hospital and community settings. You will learn for three years in length. It starts with 12 or 18 month of common foundation program (CFP) and then followed by 18 or 24 months branch program included the four branches of adult, mental health, learning disabilities or children nursing.

Other degrees related to the nursing field are Masters Degree and part-time degree courses. Masters degree program need for years for the duration. You should contact the universities directly for further information. Part time degree courses are usually offered by some higher education institution.

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Women generally are very conscious of their figures. They are very particular about their looks and the attitude is no different when they are pregnant. There was a time when pregnant women used to wear clothes larger than their sizes to suit the convenience. But modern days are different. A woman wants to look elegant and beautiful irrespective of the different phases of her womanhood. Why not look good during the pregnancy which is the most delightful and exciting period of her life.

New designs based on different styles and ideas have been introduced in the fashion world to cater the needs of the pregnant women. They can choose the right clothes that fit them as well as the colours they like. The designers of maternity clothes are taking care to offer maximum comforts to those who wear them without compromising the quality and the latest trends in fashion. The clothes suitable for the changing seasons are specially tailored from fabrics that are chosen with care. The clothes that are made for pregnant women should not only be comfortable but also withstand the climatic changes. The texture of the clothes used to create these special dresses is hand picked with care so that they should not cause any problem to the body or skin. A good designer knows well that the maternity clothes are to take care of, not only a would be mother but also the growing baby in the womb.

Dresses with enough room to stretch for a growing belly and without tight strings or straps to support them are preferred by pregnant women. At the same time the dress should not make her look like an inflated balloon. The skill and imagination of new designers have answers to all such problems.

Apart from summer and winter wears, clothes for special occasions are also available to day. Maternity swimwear suitable throughout all the trimesters are made and marketed in various patterns. One piece maternity bikinis, trousers, tops, skirts, nightwear, lingerie, jeans and T-shirts, and a variety of dresses in different colours and designs are made to meet the growing demands in the markets. A pregnant woman has to go through the extreme conditions of climate. So clothes to suit the changing weather conditions are essential. Naturally, the markets provide clothes for autumn, winter and summer months, and all of them are superbly designed.

For those who cannot afford to buy expensive clothes, there are many shops which offer good quality maternity dresses at affordable rates, thanks to the competitive market. Special discounts are also offered by many of them. There are many shops and websites who are dealing with used but good maternity clothes for the benefit of those who prefer inexpensive ones. A reasonably liberal return policy and offer of free shipping are the special features of many online dealers. Some of the shops buy back the used clothes if they are maintained in good condition.

The maternity clothe stores also offer baby clothing to facilitate shoppers in the advanced stages of pregnancy. Kid's crocs, baby kits, nursery tops, nursing bras etc along with a variety of dresses which the woman can wear after the delivery, are available in such shops. Online shopping is a convenient option for women during the advanced stages of pregnancy when the mobility is restricted.

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Many women do not feel complete until they experience giving birth and the happiness that comes with it. The hardest part is getting there, as conception is necessary first. Because of the stress that we deal with, day in and day out, conceiving a baby can be hard. It is important and helpful to know the best and quickest tips. Especially if you're asking "can someone help me get pregnant".

You can increase your chances of getting pregnant by doing a few different things, but there is never a guarantee. You can be on your way to holding your baby by taking the following hints to heart. There is no better feeling than becoming a mom.

1. Having sex on a regular basis, regardless of how crazy and stressful your life may be, is important. To conceive, many believe that you should be having sex, not every day, but every other day.

2. Keep track of your monthly cycles in order to realize when you are ovulating. Women typically ovulate halfway through their cycle, so if yours is 28 days, you should be ovulating around day 14. If you are someone who deals with a period that is irregular, you can calculate the day of ovulating by using an ovulation kit. Your urine contains hormones that will let you know whether or not you are ready to ovulate, just by a safe and easy test.

3. You should know that two days before you ovulate, you are most likely to get pregnant, and this is the prime time for sexual intercourse. His sperm will move towards your egg much easier if your cervical mucous is of the right consistency.

4. Remember that this process takes time and that you should wait up to a year before asking a physician to assist you in becoming pregnant, due to your fertility issues.

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When most of us hear the word, "insurance" our eyes glaze over and our mind starts to get fuzzy. Insurance, specifically health insurance, is complicated and confusing, and most self-employed people prefer to delay having to think about it... until it's too late.

In this article, small business owners and insurance providers across the country offer their advice on how to keep health care costs down for the self-employed. Remember, no matter which path you take, insurance costs can be tax-deductible as a business expense!

High Deductibles Increase Your Monthly Cash-Flow

Erik Lehtinen of Integrative Wealth recommends high-deductible plans to bring down the monthly cost of insurance premiums. The higher your out-of-pocket expense for any kind of claim, the lower your monthly rate will be. This is true with any health-care plan, no matter where you sign up.

To further decrease costs, if you are able to forego preventative or maternity care and just receive catastrophic insurance for emergencies, your premiums will be much lower as well.

Catastrophic Insurance (High-Deductible Health Plan -- HDHP)

Catastrophic Insurance is just that: for emergency use only. If you get the sniffles, or want a cosmetic procedure, chances are you won't be covered. However, if you get mauled by a lion at the Zoo, or otherwise encounter an accident, the insurance will cover the necessary expenses. Each company that offers catastrophic insurance has it's own guidelines, stipulations, and requirements, so be sure to read through your plan thoroughly and ask questions.

Barry Maher is a self-employed speaker that prefers his catastrophic plan. Although it has a $5200 deductible, it allows him to have a Health Savings Account for non-emergencies. This way, he can use his HSA for minor illnesses, and to pay the deductible of the HDHP in the case of a true emergency.

Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

Health Savings Accounts are available to those who enroll in a catastrophic, high-deductible health plans (HDHP). Money deposited into a HSA is not subject to federal income tax at the time of the deposit, and funds roll over year to year if they are not spent. These funds can only be spent on qualified medical expenses, but they come without federal tax liability or penalty. This also includes medications with a doctor's prescription. If you are collecting federal or state unemployment, you can use your HSA to pay your health insurance premiums.

If, at some point, you lose your HDHP insurance, you'll still have access to your HSA, but won't be able to contribute additional money to it. In the case of death, you can name a beneficiary.

Using Auto-Insurance as Catastrophic Insurance

Talk to your car insurance provider to see what kind of medical benefits they offer if you get into an accident. This option is good for people who live a healthy life, but want to be protected while out on the road. Beware: even if you get hospital coverage and loss wage coverage due to an accident, this type of insurance won't help you if you get an illness. This is purely accidental coverage.

Generally, auto insurance coverage applies to the injured, no matter who was at fault. Additionally, automobile medical insurance can pay for, partially or completely, your health care insurance premiums. Medical payments through an auto insurance plan typically over doctor visits, hospital visits, surgery, x-rays, EMT and ambulance fees, nursing services and care, prostheses as well as funeral costs.

Health Insurance Through Memberships

Those who are self-employed can seek insurance benefits through a variety of membership organizations. These organizations pool together their resources and are able to get discounts on premiums and care that individuals don't have access to.

Members CU, a Credit Union based in Traverse City Michigan, offers a variety of health, auto, and life insurance to its members. If you're currently a member of a credit union, check to see if they offer similar benefits. (It's another great reason to move your money from big banks!)

The National Association for the Self-Employed offers group health benefits for its members, as does the A.A.R.P.

The Alliance for Affordable Services represents nearly 80,000 individuals and small business owners nationwide and provides discounts on legal, health, and personal financial services.

Additionally, Mary Ratliff (Nine Hour Films) found that an artistic organization, Fractured Atlas, provided great resources and two helpful brochures that break down insurance issues and terminology specifically geared towards the freelance artist. You can view those brochures at: http://www.fracturedatlas.org/site/healthcare

Get the discount!

You may be surprised how many low-cost and free options are available to you, without getting on the government's dole. For example, many dental schools offer free or reduced-cost cleanings, exams, and procedures.

Bartering allows you to trade your businesses goods and services with other members of a bartering club. If you offer graphic or website design, you could trade that with a chiropractor or ophthalmologist for health services.

These bartering services could be run through your local chamber of commerce, or you could sign on with a national organization like The International Reciprocal Trade Association or the National Association of Trade Exchanges. Craigslist is another place you can find people to swap services with under the "Barter" heading.

Amy Rose Herrick, ChFC, was successful with this method stating, "We have used a barter network to pay for about $10,000 braces on two children. We've also bartered for general dental cleanings, crowns and fillings for another perhaps $3,000 on services used."

Also, many doctors and clinics offer discounts to patients who pay cash, instead of go through their insurance provider. You just need to ask!

"I have found that my doctors offer lower fees for self-paying patients (at least half of what they charge insurers)" discovered Becky Meyers of Magnolia-Sky "Additionally, my pharmacy signed me up for discounts through programs they have, which has saved me a bundle of money on prescriptions, two of which I take on an ongoing basis."

Finally, take advantage of the daily deal sites. Many times you'll see chiropractic adjustments, massages, dental visits, and health-club memberships at deep discounts. Health care isn't just about protecting you when you're sick, but keeping your body in optimal shape to prevent illness in the first place. Groupon, Living Social, and Amazon Local all offer daily deals on a wide variety of products and services.

Thoughts about the upcoming Health Care Changes

We've already seen some changes coming with the new health care laws. Specifically, children can now stay on their parent's insurance until the age of 25, and those with pre-existing conditions will no longer be denied coverage or care. Additionally, insurance providers are now required by law to spend at least 80% of the premiums they receive on health care. This means, if more than 20% of the premium you pay the insurance company goes to overhead, advertising, profits or other costs, you will then get a check in the mail refunding the difference, as Barry Maher has already experienced:

"The new health care law has already put money in my pocket, generating several rebates from my insurance company (because they expended too high an percentage on overhead) and it also expanded the coverage. And obviously it should make purchasing insurance easier for the self-employed, many of which currently can't even buy health insurance because of pre-existing conditions."

Unfortunately, we won't really see the full effects of the new health care laws on entrepreneurs until 2014 and beyond. We can speculate on its effectiveness, but we won't truly know until we get there. Most entrepreneurs, including Stacy Spensley, (Centerstage Wellness) are optimistic:

"My hope with the health insurance changes that are coming is that premiums will fall once more people buy in to make health care more affordable for all Americans. As a health coach, my goal is to help people need less medication and health care in general, so more people only need insurance in case of emergencies. The more we can avoid preventable disease, the better for all of us."

Need more information? Visit The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) website: Insure U for Small Business. They provide helpful information and tips about insurance for owners of small companies and home-based businesses.

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When you have a medical emergency, you often go to the emergency room (ER), or to an urgent care clinic. As expected, they charge you for the services and treatment, with insurance covering a large portion of the bill. However, there are various medical procedures that your policy does not cover. And if you go into the operation blindly, you could wind up with a major shock later.

If you have surgery or a routine operation, chances are you will receive prescribed medication. Some of those meds are covered, while others are not. Your doctor or pharmacist should be able to answer any questions. Keep in mind, however, that over the counter medications like aspirin do not fall under insurance coverage.

Cosmetic Surgery
While policies cover many surgical procedures, one thing that it does not is cosmetic or plastic surgeries, such as a face lift, nose job, or liposuction. That is because these operations often improve one's appearance, but do not necessarily improve his or her health. The coverage simply depends on the company with which you are insured. However, if you feel that it could improve your way of life, write a letter to the insurance company to get them to reconsider.

Experimental Treatments
Depending on your diagnosis and recommended treatment, you may qualify for a clinical trial. However, insurance does not handle every single trial, at least if they define it as "experimental". Depending on the method of treatment, the product manufacturer might handle the product itself. However, you may have to pay for outside expenses like doctor's appointments or additional testing. The insurance company may allow clinical trials if you can prove the benefits of undergoing treatment.

Before you schedule any appointments, ask your insurer what is or is not covered. Your company can easily provide you with that kind of information, either on its website, or over the phone. If you find yourself having to pay completely out of pocket, call your doctor's office or hospital to work out a more reasonable solution. There are alternate treatments and lower payments that may suit your budget. A medical bill negotiation can help you reduce your bill tremendously, especially if you are already on a fixed income.

Different policies cover different aspects of a woman's pregnancy, including when a woman goes into labor. However, some may exclude a woman if she does not have maternity coverage before contraception. Since that is virtually impossible to predict, if you are considering having children, you may want to look into coverage well in advance.

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Health insurance for self employed people can be very expensive so it is really important that you sit down and think through what you really need before you decide on a particular policy. Every individual and family has different needs and your particular needs should determine the best insurance for you. Once you figure out your needs it will be easier to sort through the plans available and find the best one for your health, financial, and family situation.

The first thing you need to think about is what types of things you need coverage for. Typically, health insurance will cover physicians visits, fees, hospital expenses, and surgeries. Be sure that hospitals and surgeries are covered because these are the things that can have a severe financial impact if you are not covered. Everyone needs this kind of coverage.

Beyond doctors, hospitals, and surgeries, there are a variety of options that might or might not be valuable to you and your family. For example, if you or a family member wear glasses or contacts, it might be worthwhile to get a plan that covers these expenses. How about prescription medicines? If you or any member of your family has a chronic health condition requiring regular prescriptions that might well be an important option for you. If you are planning on having children then maternity care is a benefit you definitely want to consider. After you make a list of benefits that are important to you, you can start searching for insurance that will either include or let you add the particular coverage that is important to you.

You also want to consider how important it is to you to be able to choose your own doctor or stay with a doctor you already have. You have more flexibility with traditional health insurance but the trade-off is higher premiums. PPO (Preferred Provider Organizations), POS (Point of Service), or HMO (Health Maintenance Organizations) plans offer greater savings but are much more restrictive in their choices of health care providers, including doctors and hospitals.

Lastly, consider any group options that might be available to you to reduce you costs. Often your local Chamber of Commerce or other small business organizations can help you find small group plans that can help you save money when buying health insurance for self employed people. The most important thing is to find coverage that will protect you and your family from any catastrophic medical bills and ruin your financial health.

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Are you confused? You don't have to be. I know since you have this article in your hands, you are very close to achieving your dream weight. I can imagine you thinking how much better in shape you were before you finally settled to have a baby with your spouse. Having children is a good thing but most women don't like the weight gain during this time and the only thing most women want to do is get delivered of the baby and make sure they get back to their former weight level.

The loss of weight after pregnancy could be some issue in itself if not handled properly. There have been issues of women who tried and somewhere along the way, they gave up and ended up having more weight than they could imagine. This is because most engage their selves in unrealistic ventures, like using multivitamins without working out, eating less than they would have loved to and stuffs like that. These are old techniques that never worked for anyone so why keep doing the same thing and expecting different results? I will share with you some shunning tricks that will help you lose weight after pregnancy and these tips are what everyone could practice.

Determination and Discipline
Now this is no; formula neither is it a multivitamin. It is more of a principle that will work for everyone that will lose weight eventually. Most people never reach their expected weight after pregnancy because they got tired or just gave up. You have to be determined and be disciplined because you will need to be giving your body some things that it's not used to. So if you are not determined and disciplined, you will just not get anywhere with this. Now when you think you have faced enough trauma from this weight gain problem and you are ready for weight loss, then move on to the next tips.

Eat When You Are Hungry
This is the bottom line of fat accumulation. If everyone understood this principle and worked with it, no one will have to worry about losing weight. When you eat as you are hungry, your body is in a relaxed mode. Body metabolism proceeds and unnecessary food is passed out, the useful ones are used and converted to energy. You have energy to work out and do exercise, you don't get tired easily and this way, you end up burning fat. On the other hand, if you refuse to eat when you are hungry, your body switches to a protective or defensive mode and in this mode, it stores up more food and metabolism is slowed down. The food ingested is stored straight as fat and this is because your body kind of feels that there is not going to be enough food when needed so it has to keep some for the rainy day. This will give you more weight than you could bargain for after pregnancy.

Drink a lot of Liquids
Taking liquids could help reduce your appetite and therefore reduce your food intake. Remember, above, we only said "Eat when you are hungry" and not "Eat when you are not hungry". If you eat when your body is not asking for food, the food is just going to be a waste. Taking liquids like juice, water, protein shakes could help balance up when you are not eating solid food while eliminating hunger. The main idea is to make sure you have something in your mouth whenever your body says "I am Hungry!". Liquids will help us cover for this. Also avoid taking coffee, take tea instead as it contains caffeine that your body is more accustomed to and it also contains antioxidants that serves the purposed of making the body feel better.

Never forget to work out daily. If you don't have a gym at home, go and register yourself at a gym place. It will do you a lot of good to work out as this will make sure you use up all the energy that have been made available through body metabolism.

If the following tips are followed strictly, then you will soon smile as you will see the weight you have gained during pregnancy burn till its no more there. Do not forget to keep the routine, stopping at any point will make you go back to square one, you are expected to make this a way of life.

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T.Med Ctr

Asian mothers, especially the Chinese,observe many rules, regulations andtaboos that have been handed down from past generations during the period known as confinement. New mothers and their newborns usually stay home during this period, which lasts for about 28 days. New mothers are given special care and food to help the body recuperate from the trauma of childbirth. Special nannies known as confinement nannies are often hired to help look after new mothers and their newborn.


Believed to be weak and "cold" after the delivery of her baby, the new mother should keep warm with "heaty" foods and wear plenty of warm clothing. She is not allowed to go near fans or air-conditioning as she may catch a chill. In observing this
tradition, both mother and baby suffer the uncomfortable effects of bad ventilation,especially in the tropical heat of Singapore.


The Chinese do not allow new mothers to bathe for a month following childbirth as they may catch a chill and suffer from rheumatism later on in their lives. There is no scientific basis for such a belief. New mothers are recommended to have warm
baths as cold water may bring on muscle cramps. Using herbs, ginger or lemongrass to rid of wind is not necessary.


Despite the traditional Chinese ban on hair washing during confinement, new mothers are encouraged to wash their hair
when they are more stable on their feet after delivery. The worry is that some women may get giddy spells when shampooing and slip. The tradition is that washing hair during confinement allows "wind" to go into the heads and thus lead to headaches later on. This, again, has no scientific basis.


Contrary to the Chinese belief that alcohol increases blood circulation and warms the body, it is not a must after delivery. It does not help to boost your postpartum state and, if you are nursing, it can be transmitted through breast milk to your
baby. Alcohol can appear quickly in the mother's fore milk and hind milk as well as reduce milk production as it inhibits
oxytocine release. Studies have shown that nursing babies while drinking heavily can

cause developmental delays in the child.


The Malays believe that a pregnant woman's behaviour and emotion affects her unborn child. As such, they are not allowed to attend funerals or harm any living creatures. Otherwise, the baby may be born deformed.

From the second trimester, food jamu like a cocktail of egg yolk, palm sugar,tamarind and secret herbs or pepper,
honey, lemon juice and tumeric taken with secret herbs is believed to be able to clean the womb.

Around the seventh month, a melenggang perut ceremony is performed to correct the position of the baby and for a safe delivery. There are also rituals like rolling the coconut to determine the sex of the baby. When the coconut stops
rolling and the "eyes" face upwards, it is a boy.


The Malay traditional confinement period is 40 days. A bright light burns day and night in the baby's home. Special food and
care is given to restore the mother's health and beauty. Bidan provides full belly massage, therapeutic baths and jamu.

The stomach is wrapped tightly to "shrink" the belly and jamu is used to cleanse any "dirty blood". Burning

charcoal is used to warm the feet and to heat up the "cooling" body after baths. The mother is encouraged to move about the house as too much rest prolongs the dirty blood in the mother's system.

Milk producing jamu are prescribed and fish is usually removed from the mother's diet to prevent fishy-smelling milk. The last part of the Malay massage is known as "realigning the womb" and it can be painful and, if not done properly,

can be harmful.

Be Happy

Share your stress and worries with loved ones and friends. Most mothers start to feel some emotional swings known as "baby blues" around the fourth day of the postpartum period. Talk about your concerns, log onto chat rooms on the Internet, or join hospital support groups.
These will allow you to share with other new mothers the anxieties of having a new baby and the disruptions that it brings.
Make sure that you consult your doctor,nurses or specialists if you feel that the anxieties are overwhelming you.


Indulge yourself in massages (if you had a caesarean delivery, do not massage the tummy), spa treatments and even manicures and pedicures. All these can help you regain a sense of well-being after having been through the traumatic and dramatic process of childbirth. Take time out with your husband without the baby so that both of you can unwind and recharge before going back to the stress and demands of caring for your baby.

Above all, enjoy motherhood.

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By the time you've reached your third trimester, you've likely conquered many of the challenges of eating during pregnancy. During your first trimester, you made changes to your diet, such as cutting back on caffeine and sugar, to make a healthier lifestyle for both you and your baby. You also conquered the nausea of morning sickness.

During your second trimester, you learned how to eat protein with every meal and handle your cravings in a sensible manner. So when you reach your third trimester, your problems are less about how you eat than how to deal with the discomforts and special issues that arise during the last three months of your pregnancy. In this article, we will cover these special issues one by one.

The Importance of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

You've probably been taking Omega-3 fatty acids throughout your pregnancy, at a rate of 1200mg per day. But it's especially important to keep your fatty acid intake high during the last trimester. The proper amount of Omega-3 fatty acids can provide a wealth of benefits to both mother and child, such as:

• Decreased incidence of postpartum depression;
• Suggested easier birth and labor;
• Lower risk of premature birth;
• Babies tend to sleep through the night earlier.

Your pregnancy nutritionist can help you find a high quality fish oil supplement that will give you the DHA you need for your own health as well as your baby's development. You can also boost your consumption of fatty acids by eating foods like walnuts, flaxseed oil, organic eggs, and wild salmon.

Dealing with Indigestion

Indigestion and heartburn become major issues during the last trimester of pregnancy, as hormonal changes in your body cause your muscles to relax in preparation for labor. This also causes the muscle that separates the esophagus from the stomach to relax, allowing stomach acid to back up into your throat.

There is no cure for indigestion caused by pregnancy, and most of the over-the-counter medications that ease the pain of indigestion are not safe to take while pregnant.

You should eliminate foods that aggravate this issue, such as spicy foods, citrus fruits, and foods with a vinegar base. Try eating foods that neutralize stomach acid, such as papaya. You can also deal with the symptoms of indigestion by eating smaller meals more frequently, and by sleeping in an upright position.

Handling Fatigue with Ease

You may start feeling very tired during your third trimester. This is common as you might find it difficult to get comfortable for sleep, or find that the baby moves too often for you to get a good night's sleep. A body pillow might be helpful, as it cushions your baby bump and can help you get into a comfortable enough position for sleep. Try "setting the stage" for sleep, too-a practice recommended by sleep experts.

Don't watch television or stare at your computer screen for a few hours before bed, as this can interfere with your body's natural melatonin production. Instead, dim the lights and play relaxing music. Take a long bath or shower and read an enjoyable book. You might try a cup of herbal tea. These preparations alert your body that it's time for bed, and can help you get more restful sleep through the night.

Getting Your Exercise In

You may be tempted to give up exercise during this last stage of pregnancy, but it's crucial to stay in shape for your upcoming labor. Try low or no impact forms of exercise that are easier on your body. Yoga, swimming, and walking are all excellent ways to stay fit without getting exhausted during pregnancy.

Exercise is also a great way to relieve stress. It can also help promote restful sleep. So make sure you are getting at least 15 minutes of gentle movement per day. It will make all the difference to your pregnancy.

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It makes sense to take careful not of health insurance comparison. The most important issue in your life is the good health of you and your dependents. It is only natural that you would want your spouse or partner to have access to good health care. You would also want your children to have the same. In fact, if you make the right choice in medical insurance your children will get good health care before birth. A well rounded health insurance policy takes maternity care into account.

There are many problems that could arise during your lifetime. If you are starting a family or have a young family then you can be certain your children will require medical care. Not only will each of your children need to have regular medial checks but they will need extra care when they undergo normal childhood illnesses. Nearly every child experiences a cuts, sprains and broken bones. These mishaps are not life threatening but they could be if they don't get the right medical attention. All these unexpected accidents are going to cost you money. When you make your health insurance comparison make sure you opt for a provider that takes all eventualities into account.

If you want a thorough health insurance comparison then make use of a specialty website. Such a website will provide quotes from a number of appropriate medical insurance providers. This is a completely free service and will only take up a few minutes of your time. Simply by answering a few standard questions and providing your zip code you get a list of suitable providers, their policies and also their monthly premium rates. This is the list that allows you to find a policy that is suited to your needs from a reputable provider for the most cost effective premium.

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Companies who are willing to hire contract employees instead of full-time employees can reap many benefits, especially if the desired employment term has a defined end. With the rapid-fire pace a growing business must run at, the quick and easy hiring process for a contract employee, along with the other benefits associated with contract workers, can greatly outweigh any perks you might get from a full-time employee depending on your situation.

Offers Your Company Flexibility

Hiring contract employees is great for companies that need to be flexible, especially during economic downturns and business growth. Your business's plans are constantly changing, and it may not be practical to hire a full time employee to spearhead an experimental division or project. Costs are already high when your business is growing, so hiring contract labor ends up being less of a gamble than hiring a full-time employee.

Short Term

There are a wide variety of instances when businesses, especially growing businesses, need very badly for a short term employee to come in. You could have a situation where an employee will be absent for a few weeks or months, such as with maternity/paternity leave, vacation, or extended illness, and need someone to fill in for that short period. You could have a project that needs immediate attention, and the short turn-around on hiring a contract employee will ensure that the project gets done without having to figure out what you would do with a full-time employee after the project is finished. Contractors are also great for filling seasonal demand, especially when your product enjoys seasonal popularity.

Minimum Resources

Contract employees are a great way of minimizing the resources you would need for a full-time employee. The staffing service you use to find your contracted worker will have already vetted the candidate for your position, meaning your company will not need to spend time and resources to find the right person. Contractors are usually proficient in their field or require little training, so your company will not have to spend time and resources on the extensive training that a full-time employee would need. In addition, if your business is the kind that can be done remotely, you can have your contracted employee supply their own office space and supplies instead of having to supply them yourself.

Save on Benefits Packages

When you have a contract employee, you do not have to worry about providing the standard benefits package. This can result in major savings for your company. You do not have to provide them with any form of insurance, vacation pay, sick leave pay, or retirement plans. Many staffing companies actually provide these things to their contract employees, so it's a win-win situation for both the contractors and employers.

Save on Termination

When you already have a contract employee end date specified from the start, you don't have to worry about offering or paying severance packages or unemployment benefits. The more frequently you terminate full-time employees, the higher your unemployment payments will be, so ending a contract assignment is a better option than having to fire a full-time employee whose services you can no longer use. A staffing agency can then put the contract employee back to work at another client.

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Pregnancy often comes as a barrel of fun. This period has hundreds of memorable moments. Parents overwhelmed with the joyous anticipation spend as much as they can. They just want to ensure the safe and healthy birth of their child. Although, being conscious about safe birth is appreciated, getting over-conscious and spending irrelevantly is not wise.

Here are some tips to help parents enjoy the whole period without ending up in financial ruin.

1. Maternity Insurance
Getting private maternity insurance is expensive. One can easily be dazzled by knowing how much is health insurance. But in most cases it is inevitable and should be utilized. The reason is that, such insurance relieves you from a sudden burden of $5000 and up to $15000. These insurance policies mostly cover all the expenses including hospitalization, physician's fees, drugs and others.

If possible, using your spouse's insurance is a nice idea, however, not everyone can avail this facility. In such cases try to avail a parent's or guardian's insurance. What you must keep in mind is to get insured before the pregnancy is detected.

How much is health insurance? It is a question that cannot be answered because the premiums and deductibles change every year. The change depends upon the state and thus nothing can be predicted.

2. Borrow Baby Gear
Once you deal with all the hospitalization costs, you will have to deal with the stuff you buy for your baby. Buying everything new is not prudent. You can easily find someone among your neighbors, family or friends who have a whole nursery resting in their attics.

Make the most of such opportunities and borrow whatever you can.

3. Gifts
The gifts your child receives from your relatives and friends should not go in vain. It is very smart to let your guests know what you need in your child's nursery. You can even make a list of required items and let your friends go through it to and decide themselves.

4. Buy Inexpensive Diapers in Bulk
Buy inexpensive disposable diapers and use them effectively. You can easily find sales and discounts in baby shops. Make the most of such sales and rush to the stores to buy the required items in bulk.

5. Be Patient
Usually, parents being overwhelmed with the joyous news, start shopping for their child before birth. Since they do not know the size of their child, later, when the clothes appear to be of the wrong size, they go shopping again. So be patient and enjoy shopping with your child.

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Losing a spouse is perhaps one of the most emotionally grueling experiences an adult can go through in their lifetime. The deafening emptiness of your home without your partner, the realization of dependency on your spouse, and the loss of everything that you once shared with-companionship, a friend, a person to turn to for advice-these are hard pills to swallow. For women, especially mothers, this is an unbelievably difficult change in their lives. Being suddenly left to raise the children alone and having to be the sole breadwinner for her now incomplete family is a hurdle many cannot fathom.

As you grieve, however, you realize that this time in your life will not be forever. Things can be done to improve your life and to move you forward out of your grief. Allow yourself time to grieve and mourn the loss of your loved one, but once the tears start to become less, acknowledge the fact that it is time to move forward. The power of positive thinking can do wonders in helping you to get out of your hole and can push you forward to begin your brand new life alone. Here are some ways to get you off the ground:

1. Understand that the pain will not easily go away. Do not be frustrated or fall into a deeper depression if you feel as if your grief is taking a long time. The loss of a spouse is a heavy burden and it will take time before you start to feel normal again. Think positively and know that this time will pass as well and eventually, you will feel better about life.

2. Acknowledge the power of choice. Do not feel guilty about realizing that you want to begin your new life. This means your time of grief is over. Think of the good things to come.

3. Do not think that you are forgetting your spouse. Just because your pain is slowly fading and you are starting to feel better, it doesn't mean you are forgetting your spouse. Believe that they would have wanted you to be happy and fulfilled even when they are gone.

4. Channel your love and affection in other ways. Think positively and realize that you still have a lot of love to give. If you are looking for someone to care for, focus more attention on the children, or get a pet to take you through those solitary rough moments. Pets are great joy bringers, delivering comfort and happiness with just their mere presence. Not only that, believe that you can still find love, and that this is not the end of life for you as we know it.

5. Realize that death is just the beginning. Death is inevitable and by thinking positively, you'll see what the good side of death is. It isn't the end of life but a mere beginning.

Employ some positive thinking to help get your through your situation. See the brighter side of things and not just what's depressing and heartbreaking. There's always a flipside and that is what you must realize.

Carl Mathis, author of Life is what you make it - seven steps to moving forward
For more from Carl go to http://www.carlmathis.com

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Accidents and illnesses account for 80% of short term disability claims. Sicknesses like cancer, heart disease, diabetes make up 60% of that total. Should you become seriously ill, short term disability insurance will replace up to 2/3 of your income for as long as two years. You rely on your income to pay your mortgage, car payments, etc. Wouldn't it make sense to insure your most important asset?

Many people shy away from this important income protection because of cost - thinking they won't become sick. Your budget may already be stretched, with little left over before the next pay day arrives. You may be thinking you can't afford an additional $150 per month for insurance you may never use. But if you can't afford this smaller amount, what will happen when your entire paycheck disappears?

But women who are planning a pregnancy have a unique opportunity: pregnancy is a covered sickness. Your benefit for normal delivery may greatly exceed the premium paid over time, providing important coverage for other sicknesses at no additional cost.

Short term disability insurance replaces a portion of your income for six weeks for a vaginal delivery, and eight weeks for a c-section delivery, less the elimination period. Your premium rates will depend upon the industry of your employer, and the policy configuration that you choose: elimination period, and benefit period.

Your benefit for normal delivery may be twenty four to forty eight times what you might pay in monthly premiums. Congratulations, you just paid for two to four years of important disability coverage that will replace your income should you become seriously ill.

But there is more. During your pregnancy, you may be more susceptible to a variety of illnesses. When you hear or read health warnings they typically state that young children, the elderly, and pregnant women should be most careful. In addition, illnesses such as pregnancy diabetes and other pregnancy related conditions may manifest themselves. Your short term disability policy will pay benefits for covered sicknesses, and pregnancy related illnesses.

Your short term disability policy can also help protect your health during your pregnancy. You may feel pressure to continue working to help make ends meet. Some women continue working when their doctor says no, or return to work too soon - because bills need to be paid. Having your income replaced during this time takes much of the pressure away. You won't feel the need to "work just a few more days", or return to work before feeling 100%.

But there is still more. What if your pregnancy experiences complications? Your short term disability insurance will cover pregnancy complications that require you to miss work for medical reasons. Simple bed rest does not qualify, unless there is a medical reason, verified by your doctor.

All of the above make short term disability insurance one of the smartest moves a woman can make before she gets pregnant. Pregnancy is a pre-existing condition. Once you are already pregnant, it will be too late to use your maternity benefits to pay for your insurance premiums.

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If you've become pregnant, then congratulations and your baby is most welcome in this world. But a bit of concern for you is that approximately 13% (780, 000) pregnant women don't have access to pregnancy or maternity insurances or coverages resulting in inadequate & concerning prenatal care.

Here's the pregnancy insurance stats for reference-

a. 13% of all pregnancy are uninsured,

b. 12% of all birth are premature,

c. 57% of uninsured pregnant women neglect their prenatal care, till the six months of their pregnancy.

d. At any given point, 40-80 million Americans are remain uninsured, and

e. Approximately 1 in 10 American babies are born under-weight.

It is possible that you have a health insurance that doesn't cover maternity benefits or you may be under-insured. But getting maternity benefits through maternity health insurance is going to be tough for you, if you're already pregnant. In that case you'll have to look for other alternatives.

And the good alternatives are applying for Medicaid as it accepts pre-existing conditions, if you're qualified for it. Medicaid is a federal govt. funded state insurance program, administered by states for low-income individuals & families. Medicaid money is paid directly to your health-care service providers for the health-care services you received.

So, in case of Medicaid insurance, your pre-existing condition of pregnancy is acceptable. The only criterion you've to qualify is your level of income that varies from state to state. If you earn less than $30, 000. 00 a year, you are normally qualify for Medicaid and that's the most economical way of getting good health-care services.

You may find other options that serves additional programs such as Medi-cal that accepts pre-existing conditions, from the state of California. For details info, you may locally contact your Health Departments by State.

WIC (Women, Infants and Children) is another federal agency that safeguards the health of low-income women, infants & children under age of 5 by way of providing supplemental foods, nutrition education, health-care referrals, infants & children, who are at nutritional risks. (For more info, visit my blog)

There are a lot of alternatives to Medicaid and traditional pregnancy health insurance. They are heavily discounted alternative routes and smoothly help you out of the crisis.

Maternity Card:Although its not an insurance itself, it works with a National Preferred Provider Maternity Network that provides you with a comprehensive maternity plan, even if you're a pregnant.

AmeriPlan is another heavily discounted (up to 50%) health-care plans that are available in almost all states except Alaska. And by paying a specified monthly subscription, as per various product plans, you can get into its nation-wide services through vast network of service providers.

AmeriPlan covers all pre-existing conditions (except orthodentic treatment in progress) and you don't have to think about deductibles, annual limits, waiting period, claim form & other formalities (For details, visit my blog).

Personal Prenatal Care: It consists programs like exercise, nutrition, vitamins, regular Check-ups, things to avoid during pregnancy that fosters healthy pregnancy.

Birth Center: This is a health-care option that serves you to provide you with homely environment, safe & securely. Its affordable and provides you with economical maternity services.

Home Birth:Some women are having a sort of fascination to have a birth naturally. And Midwives normally perform the major role in home birth. Home-birth costs around 60% less than the traditional hospital birth.

Now, that you're pregnant, you may love to get into a program like Pregnancy Week By Week as your baby is growing inside you. Its totally Free(For details visit the blog). Look for more issues of similar content.

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Pole fitness is a great form of exercise. Women all over the world are addicted to this amazing form of exercise. This activity which until 12 years ago only occurred in gentleman's clubs is now taking place in dance studios, gyms and people homes. It is extremely popular as a form of exercise. It is a combination of dance, acrobatics and gymnastics. But why are so many women addicted to this form of exercise, why are so many women poleaholics?

There are perhaps a number of reasons why it is such a popular form of exercise. Perhaps the challenge of a new and exciting sport, the improvement in body image and shape, endorphin release and perhaps the attraction of doing something that is seen by some as a little risque are why this exercise is so popular.

Just like with other forms of exercise there are a range of physical and emotional benefits for health. Exercise is essential to a persons well-being. Endorphins are released during exercise, the endorphins produce a general state of well-being and can produce feelings of euphoria. Exercise can help people recover from mild depression quicker and good mental health is correlated with participating in exercise as people age. Cardiovascular exercise helps to release endorphins and induce a mood high. Pole dancing is a form of cardiovascular exercise and helps to improve peoples mood. This explains why some ladies have recovered from post natal depression and anorexia. The life's of many women have indeed improved due to the release of endorphins produced from participating in pole fitness. The benefit to a persons mood is what encourages a person to continue with this form of exercise and then become addicted.

Many ladies who take up pole fitness have never taken part in exercise before so these ladies see a vast improvement in body shape and in turn body image. The cardiovascular element of this sport burns calories and in turn ladies can lose weight. The strength element of this dance form tones ladies arms, abdominals, bottoms and legs. The improved body shape and image keeps them coming back for more.

Body image is also improved as ladies become used to seeing themselves in a mirror whilst wearing only hot pants and a vest top. They are surrounding by other women with the same lumps and bumps all wearing the same attire. They see that they are exactly the same as everyone else. Thus improving the image of themselves.

Wearing pole dancing shoes to this dance class means that it does not feel like they are taking part in exercise. The platform and heel gives the illusion of longer leaner legs, again another way in which this form of exercise makes ladies feel good about themselves.

There is a huge social aspect to these sessions. Women meet new people from all walks of life. Many make new friends that they keep for life. Whilst at an aerobics session women are too tired to chat, at pole sessions women often chat to one another in between goes on the pole. This creates a friendly atmosphere where girls encourage each other along and cheer and clap when someone perfects a move or gets it for the first time.

Ladies are perhaps both attracted to and shy of starting this new exercise regime due to the stigma which is attached to the dance form. Ladies are shy to start and some are totally repelled from the idea of staring this form due to the perceived risquenature. However those that take the plunge realise that whilst learning it is far from attractive. Women are covered in bruises and often look like baby elephants when first attempting new moves. That is not very sexy at all.

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The condition of pre-eclampsia or induced hypertension is potentially fatal if not treated during pregnancy. It is common during the first pregnancy and its prevalent with multiple births. Induced hypertension also known as toxemia can lead to convulsions or fits, a serious complication known as eclampsia.

Be aware of the warning signals of induced hypertension which includes severe headache, hypertension, rapid weight gain, oedema or accumulation of fluid in different parts of the body mostly at the face, hands, ankles and feet, convulsion which may likely happen on the second period of pregnancy, positive protein in the urine or proteinuria, dizziness, excessive vomiting and nausea, change in vision including blurred vision, light-sensitive eyes and vision loss, upper abdominal pain usually at the right side.

Toxemia can happen to every pregnant mother, but as studies show there will be greater risk to the following women; a first time mom whose sisters or mother had suffered pre-eclampsia, a pregnant mother with more than one baby, teens and young mothers under the age of 18, women older than age 35, including women who developed high blood pressure during a previous pregnancy or prior to pregnancy.

Toxemia is indeed a dangerous and life threatening complication during the period of pregnancy that can affect not only the mother but also the growth and development of the unborn baby in the uterus.

During pregnancy, the placenta requires a large blood supply from the mother to sustain the growing baby. Without this, the effects of induced hypertension can trigger premature birth or early delivery of a baby, low birth weight, abortion and still birth or death of a baby in the womb.

It's very important to know that, there are other significant factors that can contribute to the development of toxemia during pregnancy such as obesity, diabetes, kidney problems, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. Induced hypertension can also occur during pregnancy, even if the pregnant mother have never suffered from the condition before and the reason for the sudden appearance is still unknown. If proper care is taken the problem disappears as soon as the woman delivers her baby.

When there is induced hypertension in pregnancy this does not mean the expectant mother is in total danger. The idea that prevention is better than care is true, so the best way to reduce the effects that toxemia may cause to the pregnant mother and her unborn baby is to regularly attend antenatal check-ups and try not to miss any appointment, to enable early detection of toxemia so that an adequate measure will be taken.

Pregnant women should not hesitate to report any worrying signals of induced hypertension to their health care provider because toxemia if not monitored and properly treated can possibly cause problems to the expectant mother's liver, kidney, brain, and other body organs. It can also be the cause of seizure, also known as eclampsia. Eclampsia is known as the final and most severe phase of induced hypertension which can occur when the condition is left untreated and may also lead to coma and even death of the mother and her baby before, during, or after childbirth.

According to the World Health Organization, pre-eclampsia is considered as one of the leading cause of maternal death in most developing countries. It is the complication that should not be ignored during the period of pregnancy, and to determine which lifestyle changes and medications to take. Regular consultation to your health care provider is advisable and do not try to manage your health or take medications on your own, some drugs can affect your baby.

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For last 15 years number of women who gave birth for the first time in the age between 30 and 39 years increased more than twice. For the same period number of women over 40, giving birth for the first time, increased 50%. 10 years ago a woman's biological clock began sound the alarm, when she was 30. Today the first ring sounds somewhere in 35 or even after 40.

Why does this happen? One of the reasons - is more safety. Prenatal researches reduced women's over 40 danger of giving birth to babies with genetic defects till the level of 20 y.o. girls. New methods of sterility treatment appeared, which women over 35 often suffer from. New achievements of medicine in the sphere of helping a future mother, suffering from chronic disease or in case of complicated passing of pregnancy, allowed women giving birth to normal, healthy babies. Rather safe methods of contraception and such popular persons, like Hollywood actress Kim Basinger, who became a model exemplary, first gave birth being over 40, also contributed to popularization of an opinion "it's never too late". Now many women consider that they can delay giving birth to a baby without any risk for themselves till some certain time, and this means - until they receive education, reach success in carrier, strengthen their financial situation and find an appropriate soul mate.

Indeed, many women give birth lately not because they wish to. Late pregnancy can be a result of sterility, late entering into marriage or second marriage.

Which age is the best one for giving birth?

Although according medical prescriptions the best age for giving birth is between 20 and 24 years, many women feel that they are not emotionally ready for it in this age. For some women, whose childhood passed in 50-60ies, this age was rather a prolonged awkward age, than a beginning of adult life. Such shift means that women reach emotional maturity 10 years after peak of physical maturity. But nowadays a woman who became pregnant being 35 is not in a high-risk group already.

Really, if a woman over 35 is physically healthy, does not suffer from sterility, had no miscarriages, her chances to give birth to a normal, healthy baby are almost the same like a 20 y.o. girl has.

How to value a degree of risk?

Pregnancy after 35, of course, cannot be completely free from risk, but it is not so high, like you think, and in many cases it can be reduced to minimum. Not very young woman, who wishes to give birth for the first time, should remember following moments.

Firstly, it may be difficult for you to become pregnant. There is documental information that ability to give birth reduces after 35 years little by little.

Even not mentioning such negative factor, like premature menopause, this means that you can conceive in one day, and cannot in other. It may require 6-12 months from you, instead of 4, to conceive.

But greater danger, which traps an older woman that is pregnant for the first time is connected with giving birth to a baby with genetic defects, especially Down syndrome.

Statistics shows that for 40 y.o. woman a danger to give birth to a baby with Down syndrome is 9 times higher, than for 30 y.o. one. For 40 y.o. woman a probability of giving birth to a baby with Down syndrome is less 1%. And, although risk increases with age, for 45 y.o. woman it is 3%, i.e. if looking from other side, a probability of giving birth to a healthy baby is 97%. Women over 35 have health complications during pregnancy more often, in particular this concerns diabetes and high blood pressure, which are peculiar to people of older age in general. About 6% of women over 35 suffer from such complications in comparison with 1,3% of younger ones.

According to statistics, women of older age may suffer from complications of pregnancy, including abruption of placenta and pathologic condition of fetus, which require medical operation, and can have very serious after-effects for both mother and baby health. Risk of miscarriage increases too. Delivery can be complicated and prolonged, and these are main prescriptions for Cesarean section, which is quite popular now. However, researches showed that on average duration of delivery of women, giving birth in older age, exceeded duration of delivery of young ones only on 45 minutes.

For women over 35 a risk of problems connected with endometriosis and fibroid, which may affect fertility and passing of pregnancy, increases.

But all this sorts of dangers can be reduced to minimum, if a woman, who, most likely, plans her pregnancy carefully, prepares herself physically for coming pregnancy beforehand.

Fetus organs are formed during first 12 weeks of pregnancy, and in this period fetus is most wounded, as doctors consider, so, if you eat well, refuse from nicotine and alcohol, caffeine and drugs, start taking vitamins and do physical exercises, you will increase your chances to bear pregnancy easily and well and give birth to a healthy baby. However, pregnancy is not the time for starting physical exercises, doctors warn. You need to prepare yourself physically for this, before you become pregnant, then it will be easier for you to cope with problems, if they appear.

A correct valuation of real risk can become a woman of older age to reduce stress while pregnancy, which often leads to complications during childbirth. Every emotion is accompanied by changes in organism's biochemistry. If you consider you are ill, you may become ill in fact.

If a woman is about 40, and she is going to give birth for the first time, while first sings of some problem a doctor begins to work. He is in rush to meddle. Unfortunately, you should not completely trust to previous researches of women of older genital age. Somewhere women of this age either had many children, and everything was not OK with their health, or these were women, who had been trying to become pregnant for a long time - may be, last 15 years, but they had miscarriages.

In researches, which were held recently, main attention was paid to women, who corresponded to a modern demographic situation to a greater extent: these women, as a rule, belonged to a middle class, were well-educated, gave birth to first, not 10th baby. If not taking into account fact of sterility, then women of older genital age and their younger sisters differ little.

Right choice of time

It becomes absolutely obvious, that late maternity has a range of advantages. Women, who are not in a hurry to give birth to babies, turn to be best prepared for bearing and growing babies. It is proven that older women do not suffer from ambivalence of feelings during pregnancy and go through inner conflicts seldom. They treat pregnancy rather like God's bless, not because they could not give birth in earlier age. Knowledge of who you are and what you want comes with age and experience.

You are more disciplined and live in harmony with yourself.
You understand what you will have to refuse from and what expects you.

Pregnancy in later years usually falls on time of deep reflections, two mature persons take this decision, having big life experience. Depending of a wife's age, they can see the "last chance" in it, and to treat it like a precious gift of destiny.

Research showed that late baby means especially a lot for a mother; a woman in such age is less subjected to stress, is more open and interested in learning new, than young mommies.

Late baby comes in world like a beloved gift for a woman, who knows what she wants. In one American hospital a research was carried out, when they compared feelings of women, who were going to give birth for the first time, of different ages: it was discovered that women of older age group felt less stress during pregnancy, than very young women, despite of heightened risk of giving birth to a baby with genetic defects, despite of the fact that a baby will most likely change her usual life more. Older woman, majority of which got married later, according to researchers' opinion, have more chances to become more self-confident, independent, feel better, and this improves their mood during pregnancy. Although when childbirth approaches, they may feel oppressed, but not so much, like young women.

Moreover, older woman, who dedicated all her young years for carrier, can treat pregnancy like an opportunity to try herself in what was left blank in her life. Unlike a young woman, who has not found her place in the world yet, an older mother is less inclined to expect that her baby will become a realization of her dreams. She also does not think that a baby "pulls her back", when she is trying to finish her achievements. Majority of mothers who gave birth late have already taken care to become professionals.

The reverse of the medal

Late maternity, of course, has negative sides. Women of older genital age recover from delivery not so quick, like young women.

Some women encounter difficulties to get used to requirements, connected with baby care, as they have been taking care only of themselves for so many years. A very organized woman feels bad in a situation, when everything - pregnancy, delivery, taking care of a baby - cannot be planned, like this happens most often. As for late pregnancy, there are other things, which should be taken into account. Although now women give birth in older age, there is still a moment, when it is too late to give birth. Parents have to restrict with only baby or give birth with very short interval. Some opponents of late childbirth point out that parents spoil them too often - a syndrome of precious baby, - especially if this is an only baby. However, such tendency can be observed in any age group.

We also need to dwell on other arithmetic. At 35, 40 a woman may simultaneously play a role of both a newly-made mother and a nurse for her old parents.

Mother with grey hair

Which types of role models can grey-haired parents offer to teenagers? Because of big age difference between parents and a child there is a danger of generation gap. Many parents, who gave birth lately, turn to be too busy to feel old.

Late maternity obliges you to remain young. You response to everything, take part in everything.

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Mary Phelps Jacob was the first person to be granted a patent in the US for a garment which we would recognise today as a bra. This patent was awarded to Jacob in 1913. Two decades later in 1933, the S.H. Camp and Company developed a system whereby breast size could be fit into one of four sizes dependent on the size and degree to which the breast sagged. For convenience, the four sizes were labelled as A, B, C, and D. The 1933 issue of Corset and Underwear Review featured an advertisement by Camp which showed profiles of breasts labelled with these letters. Larger breasts and band sizes greater than 38 were not accommodated.

In 1937, the Warner company also began to feature cup sizing, using the four letter labelling scheme which Camp developed in advertisements for their products. Other companies also began to follow suit in the latter part of the 1930's. However, some companies, particularly the catalogue companies were slower to adopt the scheme, preferring to stick with the small, medium, and large sizes through the 1940's. Britain was also slow to catch on and didn't adopt what was becoming the American standard for cup sizing until the 1950's. Maidenform had been using seamless cups in their bras since 1933 but didn't adopt the use of A, B, C, and D, cup sizes until 1949.

In the 1930's though, other innovations were happening that would revolutionise not just the underwear industry, but the fashion industry in general. For example, the chemists at the Dunlop company successfully demonstrated a reliable way to turn rubber latex into elastic thread. This paved the way for man-made fibres to be incorporated into clothing and due to their easy-care nature they were very quickly adopted.

Bra manufacturers were quick to start using the new man-made materials since underwear, and bras in particular needed very frequent cleaning.

In 1943, Albert A. Glasser received a patent for something called a "nursing brassiere" although little innovation took place in this area of the market even after the baby boom which followed on from World War II. A nursing bra was little more than a conventional bra with an extra clip which released the cup from the strap, thus ceasing the requirement for the bra to be removed when nursing.

There are a number of different manufacturers and retailers selling maternity and nursing bras, some of which are the traditional, larger, underwear manufacturers and some are more specialist maternity wear retailers who make garments designed to accommodate a woman's breast that in some cases can fluctuate a whole cup size within an hour, in line with feeding times.

The next innovation that came along for nursing mothers was designed by Mary Sanchez who, in 1991, received a patent for her design of a clip.

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As you get further along in your pregnancy, chances are you will experience what is commonly referred to as the "nesting instinct." You may have watched a television show or two where a pregnant woman went into a household cleaning frenzy right before going into labor and that scenario isn't too far from the truth (for once Hollywood didn't over exaggerate!). There is a real, biological basis behind the urge to "nest".

What It Is

The nesting instinct simply refers to a mom-to-be's intense desire to put her home in order before the baby arrives. This could be anything from organizing the pantry to laundering all the curtains and rugs to putting a fresh coat of paint on the house. And even though you may have been exhausted in the weeks leading up to this last-minute cleaning urge, which usually occurs in the third trimester, you will find yourself enjoying a sudden burst of energy that fuels your psychological need to ensure that all is ready for baby's imminent arrival.

Why It Is

It just makes sense that the mom-to-be desires home projects get done before her new infant takes all her time and attention. But the nesting instinct is more than just psychological, it's actually the product of hormones at work in the pregnant woman's body.

The hormone prolactin is the chemical responsible for a variety of physical and mental changes. It's prolactin that also helps expectant mothers develop nurturing instincts along with widening hips and softening joints. It could also be the culprit when it comes to the additional neurons in a pregnant woman's brain, which create numerous connections in the hippocampus and boost spatial memory helpful when looking after her newborn. Those same neurons fire together to produce energy before birth so that moms-to-be can perform all those essential last-minute tasks around the house.

Nesting Instinct Tips

For some women, the desire to nest is more than just a passing fancy; they actually experience panic and stress over little things like whether or not the nursery furniture is assembled NOW or the walls in baby's room are painted the same day. They often find it difficult to relax at all in the days before baby is due to arrive. If you are feeling more manic than calm, it's important to take care of yourself.

Get enough rest. While you may find it difficult to turn off your brain at night, you need to sleep and replenish your stores of energy. Try indulging in a bedtime ritual that includes herbal tea, a hot bath, and a lavender neck rest to help you fall asleep naturally.

Use the energy created by prolactin to get all those things accomplished you feel are absolutely necessary for your baby's health and wellbeing - but take frequent breaks. Minimize the risk of feeling imbalanced and possibly falling by wearing a maternity bodysuit that supports your enlarged abdomen and relieves stress on your back and shoulders. This will not only improve the efficiency of your respiration and thus increase your energy, your body will benefit from proper posture in a number of other ways, both mentally and physically.

Don't forget to ask for help, either. Sure, your partner might not feel as anxious as you do about hanging the drapes in the nursery, but chances are he'll climb the stepstool and install the curtain rod if you ask. Maybe not immediately, but...

We are perfectly made in regards to the way humans are naturally prepared for having children. Use your natural instincts to feather your nest and use the proper maternity support garments to help you stay balanced, energized and feeling good.

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