If you have been trying to conceive a baby for months without any success, you are probably looking for helpful information in order to understand the different causes involved. One of them has something to do with mineral requirements. Let's see how zinc can significantly increase male and female fertility.

Why do testicles need so much zinc?

Several studies have demonstrated that for each ejaculation, a man loses an average of 5 mg of zinc. That represents an important percentage of the daily use of zinc in all body's metabolic functions. Sperm does need a huge amount of zinc! Why? Zinc plays a major role in strengthening the structure of DNA material. As a result, zinc has a positive effect on sperm production. Additionally, it helps improve semen quality. High level of zinc in sperm would boost male gametes ability to speed up once moving in the uterus.

Why do female eggs need zinc too?

Zinc helps not only with the growth of seminal secretion in men but also with the production of healthy gametes in women (often called eggs). Zinc plays another crucial role in synthesizing the hormones (such as oestrogens and progesterone) necessary to get and remain pregnant. It appears that Zinc is the only mineral involved in infertility.

Use and Precaution

If you and your mate decide to take a supplement of zinc, make sure not to take more than 100 mg (it will depress the immune system). I recommend you to take a dosage between 30 and 60 mg of zinc gluconate or zinc sulfate per day. It's enough! The other option would be to add foods rich in zinc to your daily diet.


Zinc (often coupled with folic acid) supplements intake could be one of the many solutions possible to treat fertility issues. It can help to improve fertility and get pregnant fast.

In order to really increase chances for conception, a couple would have to change a few things in its lifestyle. If you are ready to strictly follow a very comprehensive plan to get pregnant within 4 months click the Getting Pregnant Plan now!  

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